Gun Safes


For the price of one quality gun, you can protect your entire gun collection and other valuables in an AMSEC/Wilson/Gardall gun safe.

We offer a wide variety of gun safes to suit your exact needs.

The American Series offers an attractive charcoal gray, sandstone or granite textured finish. Each safe is decorated with attractive pin stripping with matching dial and handle.
The Classic Series comes in seven lustrous polyurethane hand applied finishes. Each safe is handsomely pinstriped and complemented by a polished brass spy proof key locking dial and matching tri-spoke handle. Both the American and Classic Series offer the "All in One" combination interior. All interior designs are finished in a rich gray or tan velour. This new design allows your interior to grow with your collection.

You can also add the beauty and convenience of pull out maple drawers with red velour lined interiors to make access to your jewelry and personal effects a breeze.

All AMSEC/Gardall gun safes are U.L. certified and proudly display the U.L. Residential Security Container burglary resistant label.

When fire and burglary is a concern your gun safe can be customized with a certified 350 degree F, fire liner.